What is a turkey trot?

A turkey trot is a fun run or footrace, usually of the long distance variety, typically held on or around Thanksgiving Day in the United States of America.

The Sydney Metropolitan Turkey Trot is a unique fun run in that it includes a navigational component.

The name was adopted as the inaugural event was held close to Thanksgiving Day. In recent years the event has been held on the first Sunday in July but the name remains.

Do I need to be a member to enter?

No, everyone is welcome to enter.

We would encourage you to consider orienteering membership so you can find out more about orienteering and upcoming events.

Will I get lost?

Highly unlikely. Whilst the Turkey Trot has a navigational component, only a basic ability is required. If you can read a street map you can read our maps. The Turkey Trot is designed to challenge you to find the fastest route. Most legs will offer route choice options. The shortest distance may be directly over the top of a hill but the fastest route may be to run a bit further and go around the hill. You will make similar decisions on the Turkey Trot. The maps from the 2012 Long Course can be seen below as an example of the type of map used.

What is an SI stick?

SportIdent (SI) stick is an extended data memory stick like what is pictured right.

SI stick

Data of control points passed during a race are stored in the SI-stick and evaluated at the end of the race.

They are very light (8g) and competitors carry them on their finger.

What do I do if I cannot complete the course?

Make your way back to the finish location at Fairfield Showground and identify yourself to the finish table so we know you are no longer out on the course. There will be a phone number on the map to call if you require assistance.

Is it the same course as last year?

No. Every year new courses are prepared although the distances covered are very similar from year to year.

Do I need a compass and know how to use it?

No. Do you use a compass when you look at the street directory? Some people like to take a compass but it is not necessary for this event. 

Can I enter with my partner/friend and run together?

The Turkey Trot is an individual event, although we encourage partners and friends to sign up and come for a run as well.  A number of shorter family friendly courses are offered at the event. These courses range from beginners to experienced and are  more suited to pairs or groups. Pre-entry is preferred although you can enter on the day. Please note that no cash  accepted; tap-and-go payments only.  

Can I bring my gps watch/iphone?

Yes. It is a fun event and many people like to track their routes/runs with modern technology. However it would be against the spirit of orienteering to use your gps device for navigation purposes.  You will already have a map in your hand, which will have all the information you need.

How long will it take?

Most years, competitors doing the Long course take between 1h 40 min and 3h 40min.  The Turkey Trot utilises cycleways and bush tracks with connecting streets so the kilometre times are slower than straight street run times.   

How do I enter?

Through the Eventor online entry system, there is a direct link from this website  while entries open. You must first register as a user and then follow the prompts to enter the Turkey Trot event.